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we have new details on a peanut butter recall. and just six weeks away to the election. one of the big issues facing voters is same sex marriage. what one local group is doing to target african american communities to vote it down. >> we are live at camden yards with fan reaction as baltimore gets ready to put the o's back in october. orioles making the playoff run. >> we will check in with charley good morning and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle along with lynette charles check out the weather and lauren cook looking at the roads. a little foggy. >> yes. we are dealing with fog in frederick and accidents. i will have more coming up in a few. >> all right we will check in in a bit and the fog is going to burn off and it's chilly -- chilly but you said hang in there. >> you will need the coat this morning and put it over your shoulder and be cool going into the afternoon it will be gorgeous. plenty of sunshine and the clouds will creep in and i am calling it a sun cloud mix into
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the afternoon. and changes are on the way going into tomorrow in terms of the wet weather. no wet weather this morning. it's waking up to the cool temperatures coming in at 49 degrees right now in northeast. the wind are pretty much on the calm side and they will pick up as we go throughout the day out of the south. and a dew point of 50 and than we look antedan head where temperatures are at 47 and dew points at 47 -- look at maryland's most powerful radar we are nice and dry. not picking up for a lot today but this picture is different tomorrow. walking through the hour by hour this is what we are looking at this morning at 8 this morning. still chilly with temperatures still in the low 50s. and by lunchtime today we jump up into the 70s a few more clouds and partly cloudy skies and dry by 3:00 with the high temperature coming in at 75 degrees. that's where we should be it
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will be nice and seasonable for today. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. as you mend, we are dealing with some fog out in frederick. you will want to reduce the speeds and turn on the low beams and heat because we are off to a chilly start. 95 up in harford county a car fire in haver degrace right on the -- havre de grace on the southbound lanes at level road. problems in abington. the first accident of the day on route 543 at calvary road. heading out to 695 as we head on over to parkville look live outside here at harford road. no delays the inner loop is clear down towards 95. and the outer loop nothing to get in your way heading up towards 83. here's what the west side looks like. traffic is moving right along just 12 minutes altogether traveling the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and the inner loop will be clear up
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through pikesville. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan. two minutes after 6. it's a staple in most kitchens. kids love it on everything. peanut butter recall expanded raising more concerns for families as well as the government. sherrie johnson is here with the details and this is bigger than originally thought. >> reporter: exactly. we are talking about over 70 products. we have learn the large-scale recall for trader joe's brand valencia peanut but the are applies to nutter butter sold under 14 brand names at stores around country including almond butter and peanut butter with flax seed sold at target's store. the product which is sold nationwide has been linked to 29 cases of salmonella in 18 states. more than 3/4 of those who became ill were children under 18. no deaths have been reported so far. there have been reported illnesses of 3 cases in massachusetts, one in rhode island and one in north
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carolina. people became sick between june 11 and september 2nd. salmonella can cause diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps 12 to 72 hours after infection. most dangerous to children, elderly and others with weak immune system. find a complete list of the recalled items on the website at on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. four minutes after 6. when you head to the polls in november, there is one issue that is sure to stand out. the referendum to legalize same sex marriage is going to be on the ballot. abc2's linda so is live in federal hill and there appears to be a final push on the issue. >> reporter: for african americans in maryland who oppose same sex marriage they are trying to get voters out to the polls on election day to vote against the referendum. and one of the method is racing controversy -- raising controversy. they are sending out mailers with the phrase my mommy is my daddy my daddy is my mommy who
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is my aunt. language some find offenser. the group is making calls trying to convince opponents of same sex marriage to make doughs and get out the -- donation and get out the vote. the leader of the group says they are aiming at message at african american community. >> we believe in the lord's word that states marriage is between a man and woman. it's an unhealthy lifestyle for children and just not right. >> reporter: and they are targeting african american communities in prins george's county -- prince george's county. in our democracy 2012 coverage an effort to make sure more marylanders are recommendationered to vote in the upcoming election. a voter recommendation strags pep rally will take -- registration pep rally is taking place at coppin university. congressman elijah cummings will be cohosting the event and is going to deliver the keynote
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address. five games left for the orioles five more chances you have to see the birds continue their run towards an o's october. charley crowson is live with more on how they are gearing up for the homestretch and there's hope and excitement and magic. >> reporter: you know there's not much hope when you think about this because the o's put themselves in a great position i talked to a guy a few moments ago who was preying for a playoff berth and he said the to do is play. all they need and 8 games remaining and they are a game and a half behind new york and a game and a half up in the wild card race so baltimore's chances of making it to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years is pretty good. we think about 1997 the last time the o's were in a playoff hunt. they are 6 game series for the indians this guy was out patrolling the infield number 8 cal ripkin junior on the field
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for baltimore along mike and anderson and a few names that today have been replaced by the likes of jones and davis and weeder and like. and they are making new memories for baltimore and fans in the city could not be prouder of the team that seemingly came from nowhere. >> you are -- if you are not in with the program you are not in the right place. >> i go back to memorial stadium section 34 the madness and wild bill and i missed this for a long time. >> reporter: memories for a great baseball town. of course the o's won in 1983 playoff runs in 96 and 97. and a lot of people are hoping that baltimore if they don't win the east, they will at least get the first spot in the wild card race because if there's one-game playoff it will be here at camden yards. megan. >> all right. thanks so much. we want to remind you we have a
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friendly competition and look at that. jamie costello and lauren cook are showing off their orioles pride and hopes you will pick which one of them is a bigger fan. so what they did is created some cheers both are big fans but we want to know who can make up a better cheer. you can find the full videos each of them at and vote for your favorite. we want to know what you think. the rains are back at work -- ravens are back at work following a big win over the patriots. they are hosting cleveland on thursday. the ravens may not get much rest but they do have one big advantage over the browns. >> you have to love baltimore. you have to love baltimore and there's nothing like our stadium. you know, we have been in a lot of stadiums and they are great in their own right but there's nothing like our stadium. there ano better one. there's nothing. it's better than every other stadium i've been in. our fans are so loyal and so
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behind their team. >> coach harbaugh says the team continues to be behind tory smith and his family. smith's younger brother died less than 24 hours before sunday night's game. he was killed in a motorcycle accident. but smith went onto play an incredible game. harbaugh says smith plans on being back with the team today. such a devastating loss for smith but one patriots fan who goes by the twitter name katy brady 12 decided to joke about the passing of smith's brother on twitter. she made calous remarks so insensitive and degusting we won't repeat them. fans this morning are outraged and ray rice tweeted her back and he said "you are terrible. i hope you know the word karma. she made her twitter account private and many online articles right now have called her the most hated woman in baltimore. campaign getting underway all to encourage people living in baltimore city to make healthy hive style choices.
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and today -- lifestyle choice and today the mayor will announce details about the third annual healthy city days. she will be joined by monty sanders who works with ed reed and ray loseis. westport students will join sanders in a short workout. healthy citiesare from october 1 until october 6th. it was controversial when schools started to hand out condoms but this morning there's criticism over the morning after pill being available in one school district. we will tell you about how they are giving out plan b and what people have to say about this. you may have one or your kid may have begged you for one. a warning this morning about how safe the trampoline is. and if you have one, what you need to look out for. pretty cool sight on video. we will show you where this happened. and why if you see this you should head in the other direction. >> so go for a long walk, take a bike ride because maryland's most powerful radar is dry.
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but, that will soon change. i will have the details coming up. >> reporter: good morning. a car fire leading to quite a backup on 95 in havre de grace. i am tracking the delays and we will have the best alternate routes coming up from good morning maryland. >> 11 minutes after 6. this is a live picture of new york city's times square. let's go up there for teed tech bites. >> reporter: -- today's tech bites. >> reporter: complaints about the iphone 5. some owners say the phones arrived with scratches on the cases and there are reports of problems connecting to wi-fi networks and some say the iphone is too light. there's apple's map app. consumer reports says it's disappointing but expect it to a get better. the cofounder calls it des appointing saying problems are not that bad. online coupon site groupon acquired safer which checks are opening at partner restaurants and offers discount that allows the eateries to fill otherwise empty tables. and your bike helmet can call
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for help if you are in an accident. ice.crash sensor works with a smart phone app to detect a crash telling you how severe and sound an alarm. if the rider doesn't shut it off it is reported as an emergency. those are your tech bites.
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thanks for joining us this morning. we want to show you something ready amazingp you never want to be too close to one. someone captured video of a water spout on lake michigan. it was shot saturday off the coast of south haven michigan so. again pretty neat but you say when we show those videos don't grab the phone and recording. headed other way. >> exactly but if you know it's over water you in the clear. and that's a pretty nice shot to see. >> it is nice.
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we are not going to see anything like that in our area. >> we are nice and clear. lots of sunshine for today. it's going to be the last day of it and the wet weather will roll in. but we need it. >> exactly. >> let's show you what's going on because we are nice and clear. the satellite and radar not picking up on any rain. no type of cloud right now. and since we don't have the cloud temperatures have been able to drop off this morning. we have been dealing with radiational cooling. that's when all the heat of the day escapes back into the atmosphere. and that's what we have been dealing with. so, we look at temperatures in northeast right now coming in at 50 degrees. and the dew point at 48. we will be seeing the temperatures going up as we go throughout the day. so that's good news. we will be dealing with seasonable temperatures. so, high pressure in control of the weather for today. this will start to slide off toward the east and allowing for the cold front to make its way in here as we head into tomorrow. with that, we will have a chance for showers at the forecast for no umbrella today but we will need it as we head into tomorrow and also tomorrow
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evening. so future trend going to pick up on what's going on. looking good and we will see a few clouds trying to move in here going into the afternoon. calling it a sun cloud mix and chance for showers work their way in here early tomorrow morning. and then we will get a little break and then as we go into the afternoon, so your commute could be a little on the dicey side. so we look at temperatures for today. this morning, coming in at 53. by lunchtime at 72. and we could see the temperatures going up from there and i am forecasting a high right around 75 degrees for the 3:00, 4:00 time frame and this is the 7-day forecast. we bring the rain showers in here on the 7-day and the only dry day right now looks to be thursday. the ravens are playing then and orioles are going to be playing going through the next several days. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. it's a lot of birds on the forecast. best of luck to the orioles and rains. i don't have -- ravens. i don't have good news. trouble in harford county dealing with a crash in 543 at
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calvary road. the problem is 95 in havre de grace a car fire along the southbound lanes at level road. checking in and looking live, you will notice it's causing a significant backup. you will want to use route 40instead. 95 downtown at 395, fortunately traffic is moving right along into the city. and no delays whatsoever but you will want to watch out for a disabled car along the northbound lanes there at keith avenue. 695 that's going to be in great shape from parkville up toward towson and the west side is track is starting to pick up. but still, nothing of significance delay wise and traveling on the outer loop from 795 down toward 95 you are looking at 12-minute ride. megan over to you. a can soup are alert. -- a consumer letters. the backyard trampolines can be dangerous for children. 98,000 trampoline re--
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consumers. the backyard trampolines can be dangerous for children. 98,000 trampolines accidents. the most dangerous mishaps affect your head and back. doing the somersaults and flips cause spinal injuries that can lead to permanent damage something they want you to keep in mind. a plan to combat teen pregnancy in new york is causing a lot of controversy. some high schools are making the morning after pill available to students to. -- the health department made the decision to provide plan b and it expanded to 13 schools. critics question whether making it available is going a step too far. >> i don't agree with it. because you can give a kid a pill after from 14 on but you can't give them a aspirin. makes no sense. >> i thk that's awful. >> you must be 17 years old to buy plan b at a pharmacy without a prescription. parents were notified of this program beforehand and they
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were begin the chance to on the out. we want to know what you think. head to the wmar facebook fan page weigh in and leave comments. we are curious to get your thoughts. corporal punishment in school. some parents are not upset their daughters were paddled but who did the paddling. we have details on this story ahead. and good things happen here all the me. right here in baltimore we have an incredible facility that helps with developmental disorders but it takes the community to support it. we have details on how to help. and as we head to break, you are looking live at a lovely los angeles california 62 degrees there today right now. lynette will let us know how our weather is shaping up when we come back. for the dreame. and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments,
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because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. pnc bank. i'll have the build your own burger with a...n? sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's.
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so i get claritin clear. this is all bayberry. bayberry pollen. very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear. thairks to -- thanks for joining a big convenient this sunday runners and walkers -- event this sunday. runners and walkers will raise money for the kennedy krieger institute for down syndrome.
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eric nealson shows house it changed one family's life. >> reporter: even as an adult scott takes time to stop and smell the flowers. >> he is just very easy going. very compassionate and very loving. >> reporter: his parents craig and margie couldn't imagine life without him. but 25 years ago when they found their son would be born with down syndrome things were not so easy. >> there were possibilities of what could happen. and it was more of being afraid of the unknown. >> reporter: but they learned so much and now they want to help others in their shoes.since scott was born they participated in the bwi run and walk event. >> it made it not so scarry. >> reporter: 45 mile run or 2 mile family walk that runs money for down syndrome support groups and kennedy krueger. both made a positive impact on scottie and his family. >> it warms our heart to be around other parents with children with down syndrome. other parents are able to tell us, you know, clue us in on various therapies and if you have someone who is having the
6:24 am
same life experience, it is a wonderful feeling. >> reporter: and a great experience for kids even those without special needs. >> and as they approach adulthood, i would hope that it opens their mind and broadens their experience and how they view people with special needs. >> reporter: his family hopes to make strides and support others going through the same thing. >> we are having a ball. >> reporter: eric nealson abc2 news. >> the 26th annual bwi run walk benefits kennedy krieger institute for down syndrome and the clinic the walk is sunday and september 30th. at 7:30 in the morning at bwi airport. it's at midfield cargo complex in lint come. we will put th-- lint come -- lint com -- lint come. >> lauren joins us for caption this because it ties in the news. >> the picture was sent in by our photograph he ever paw --
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photographer of paul of his jack russell terrier who is wearing a costume. and it goes in with replacement referees and we posted it on facebook. many of you are talking about the replacement refs. >> dennis says guess what i just got a job as a ref with the nfl. jackie says did you really throw the flag every one knows that was a bad call. officer ask saying after further review, they call on the fieldstands home run and the richard saying the refs are for the dogs. >> i love it. >> keep your comments coming we are enjoying them and i need a few more caption this photos for this week and next week. so e-mail this to >> that's a seriously cute dog, too. >> adorable. >> refs outfit or not. lauren keep the picturecoming. the mothers of two teenage girls angry because a male vice principal paddled their doters in texas which is one of the
6:26 am
states that still allows corporal punishment in schools. the girls chose being hit over being suspended. however the mothers right nowthey are upset because it was a male doing hitting and they say daughters came home with bruises and welts. >> a swat is a swat yes, it is. and they do sting. but to bruise a child the. >> the school didn't violate state laws but violated the school policy saying that spanking of a student can only be done by an employee of the same sex. school official want the policychanged. it must have been the longest 25 minutes of his life. a bridge a driver out of control and a rescue. just ahead, we have heart stopping video to show you. when you first got internet at home
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you probably had one thing online. but today, everything's online. in a few years, the number of devices in your home will double and what we are doing online takes internet speed, not every network can handle it, verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it. and now there's revolutionary fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as anything this country has ever seen.
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to get your family up to speed with fios quantum -- call the verizon center for customers with disabilities go to at 800.974.6006 tty/v.
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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. it's not the hunting rifle but what comes with it that is a target of controversy this morning. just ahead, an unusual promotion at a gun store that has a sparkle to it. and are they in over their heads if you saw last night's game from monday night football, you are probably shaking your head yes. what is going to happen with the nfl replacement refs. that story

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